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Latest News

Antony Pinchbeck
Antony Pinchbeck
Friendship Seminar
8 — 10 September 2017
Britta Krüger
Britta Krüger
Friendship Seminar
18 — 20 August 2017
Cape Town Aikido YouTube channel
Saku Dojo Embukai 2017
videos from Saku
Bodo Rödel
Bodo Rödel
Friendship Seminar
24 — 26 March 2017
Tom Dijkman
Tom Dijkman
4th Friendship Seminar
24 — 26 February 2017
Taina Nyström
Taina Nyström Seminar
Akari Dojo, Finland
13 — 15 January 2017
Terhi Kallonen
Terhi Kallonen Seminar
Meido Kan Dojo, Finland
16 — 18 December 2016
Glenn Leichman
Glenn Leichman Seminar
Aikido Seattle Chief Instructor
11 — 13 November 2016
Wendy Palmer Sensei
Wendy Palmer Sensei
Regional Practice
5 Nov 2016, 14h00

About Cape Town Aikido

We are an Aikido dojo (an Aikido school) in Cape Town practicing with an emphasis on harmony and gentleness. Our inspirations are Kiyosawa Sensei, Endo Sensei and Nevelius Sensei.

Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art that emphasizes harmony.

Like Judo, it involves throwing and rolling. We work with the energy of an attack.

In my teacher's words, If you compete with speed, someone faster will overcome you. If you compete with strength, you will be defeated by someone stronger.

We practice to meet an attack with equanimity, to be free in the moment, and to protect all whom we encounter.


Craig Mason-Jones

Craig is a student of Kiyosawa Sensei, 8th Dan, in Tokyo. He spends three months every year in Tokyo doing only Aikido, practicing at his teacher's dojo, as well as at Hombu Dojo ‐ the World Headquarters of Aikido ‐ and at the dojos of Endo Sensei, Shinzawa Sensei and Yamane Sensei.

He practices an Aikido that is gentle, subtle, effective and fun.

Giuseppe Soffietti

Giuseppe started Aikido in 1983 in Turin with Riccardo Negro Sensei. He moved to Barbados, started the Barbados Aikido Federation, and studied with Hiroaki Izumi Sensei.

On returning to South Africa, Giuseppe graded to Shodan (first dan) in 2010, Nidan (second dan) in 2013 and Sandan (third dan) in 2017 with Franco Martufi Sensei. He is the Chairperson of the Aikido Federation of South Africa (AFSA).

Guest Instructors

We have a busy programme of Friendship Seminars, with very experienced international teachers visiting us to share their practice and inspirations. See our Latest News for upcoming events, and follow our Facebook Page.

When We Practice

Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings
7h00 to 8h00 am.

Monday evenings
18h00 to 19h00 pm. beginners class
19h00 to 20h00 pm. seniors class
Wednesday evenings
18h00 to 19h00 pm. beginners class

Where We Practice

Renzo Gracie Cape Town, 86 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, South Africa, above the Build It store.


Fees are R 375 per month, payable on or before the 1st of each month.

Thinking of coming along...

  • Your first class is free. Come and try it out.
  • You don't have to join on the first lesson.
  • You don't have to buy equipment from us.
  • You don't have to be fit. Practice leads to fitness.
  • Age does not matter - our adult class ranges from 18 - 90.
  • Even if you have physical problems you can still enjoy Aikido.
  • If you have a karate or judo gi, you can wear that. Otherwise, tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are good - anything you are comfortable rolling around in.


If you would like to join us, if you would like to watch a class, or if you're just visiting Cape Town and would like to do some keiko (practice) while you're here, please get in touch.

You can reach me (Craig) on my mobile +27 76 279 6092 or by email


Cape Town Aikido is a member of the Aikido Federation of South Africa.

40th Anniversary

This year, AFSA celebrates its 40th anniversary. We are organizing a seminar with Waka Sensei in attendance. More information here...